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Catherine Desjardins, psychologue clinicienne
,   M.Ps., C.Psych.

Catherine Desjardins

Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist since 1989, psychotherapy is at the heart of my professional activities. I offer services based on a rigorous assessment of needs and focusing on achieving meaningful and lasting change for clients in a climate of compassion and collaboration.

Throughout my professional career, I have developed expertise in working with adults who suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma. In addition, I regularly conduct psychological assessments for refugees seeking asylum in Canada.


My experience has included work in private practice as well as in Toronto's Francophone multi-service organization, the Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto (CFGT) for more than 10 years. As director of the René Laennec Psychology Centre in Montreal and later as director of the mental health module of the CFGT, I specialized in the implementation of strategies focused on well-being at work, specifically for professionals exposed to secondary trauma from their clients.

In addition to individual consultations, I also give lectures and workshops to different groups of professionals on essential topics such as the prevention and management of chronic stress, secondary trauma, and overwork. I also offer clinical consultation sessions for all professionals working in mental health intervention.

Lastly, always on the lookout for new intervention strategies in psychotherapy, I continue to work with Francophone and Anglophone adults in the process of achieving their personal, relational and professional goals for balance.


I also offer therapy in French.

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