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Isabelle Bonsaint, psychologue clinicienne
,    M.Ps., C.Psych.

Isabelle Bonsaint

Clinical Psychologist

I have been a clinical psychologist since 2000 and I hold a master's degree in psychology from the University of Montreal. My interests and training are primarily related to depression, adjustment difficulties attributed to a specific trauma, burnout, anxiety, relational difficulties, lack of self-esteem, difficulties in asserting oneself and managing certain emotions.

I first worked for two years at the CLSC Arthur-Buies in Quebec with clientele dealing with loss of autonomy.  This experience allowed me to deepen my knowledge of aging and chronic or degenerative diseases, but also about the consequences related to the loss of autonomy caused by an accident or an unforeseen traumatic event.

I then moved to Toronto in 2002 to continue my career at the Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto for eight years. I had the chance to meet francophones from different countries who were all trying to create better balance in their lives. I then continued to develop my skills in post-traumatic stress disorder and assisted immigrants with their asylum claims in Canada. These enriching years, with a very diverse clientele in CLSC and at the Centre Francophone, allowed me to realize how much I enjoyed helping people overcome hardships and try to mobilize their strengths and support them in reaching their full potential. Primary objectives in my practice, which are above all humanistic, are to support the client

in better knowing themselves and their fulfillment towards a more positive self-image. In this way, I try to create a collaborative space that promotes a relationship of trust and respect based on acceptance, integrity, and communication. I believe that through this relationship, the client is better able to incorporate what is experienced, open up, understand themselves better and achieve a better emotional balance.

Finally, being a mother of four and having myself sought a better balance between my personal and professional life, I decided to open my private practice in 2012. Thus, particular attention to managing work and family is very dear to me.

I also offer therapy in French.

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