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About Us

Our collaboration was born after discovering our common goal of dedicating a significant part of our work to the practice of psychotherapy in French. We also share the same desire to create an open and warm professional environment, where a spirit of cooperation and an atmosphere of well-being prevails. We have identified three principles that guide and nurture our synergy.

  • The quest for balance is at the centre of our aspirations and our work with our clients. Whether we think about work-life balance, heart and mind, self-care and care for others, in all areas of our lives, we are constantly looking for the way that works for us.

  • While we have each had the privilege of having access to rigorous graduate training that has prepared us for the practice of psychotherapy, our skill stems from developing our understanding of the human condition and the therapeutic process on a daily basis.

  • The meeting symbolizes our collaboration on many levels. It is because we met that our growing shared dream of a group of Francophone psychotherapists coming together was able to become a reality. Meetings are invaluable opportunities. We deeply believe that these encounters are what give meaning to life, and that they are opportunities for profound transformation. This is especially true when working with our clients.

Our Team

M.Ps., C.Psych.

Isabelle Bonsaint is a clinical psychologist with a master's degree in psychology from the Université de Montréal. Her interests and expertise are primarily related to depression, adjustment difficulties,

burnout, anxiety, and relationship difficulties.

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M.Ps., C.Psych.

Catherine Desjardins is a clinical psychologist who works as a psychotherapist with adults. She has

developed an expertise in the treatment of mood disorders and particularly in intervention with trauma victims. 

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M.S.S, T.S.I. 

Nadia earned her master's degree in social work, specializing in the field of mental health where her interests and expertise include anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, loss and grief, parental coaching, and issues affecting members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

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